22nd September 2pm (Doors 1pm)

The Feelgood Band

The name says it all!

The focus is on entertaining, with all the wonderful songs and signature moves! The band clearly enjoy themselves; their enthusiasm and passion for Dr Feelgood oozes out of every choppy chord and riff.......and this infects the audience more and more with every song. What more can be said ..they do it right.....if anybody should know, Wilko, Sparko and Figure should know....right?

The Feelgood Band! With a seal of approval from Wilko Johnson, Sparko and Figure!

'Man, itís great. Itís just what it wouldíve been like to see Dr Feelgood in the club days. 100% spot on stage presence and performance' - WILKO JOHNSON

'The closest to the originals I have seen' - John Sparks aka SPARKO

Go and judge for yourself, itís worth it' John Martin aka BIG FIGURE

'Top job, takes me back'. Malcolm Wilkinson - Wilko's brother

'Talk about attention to detail!' Will Birch - No Sleep 'til Canvey Island

High energy Rhythm & Blues played the Canvey Island way, recreating the unmistakable sounds of 1970's Dr Feelgood.


Coming Soon To Blues At Barleylands


29th September

Jimi Whitewolf & The Band Of Tramps


6th October

Brent Hutchinson Band


13th October

Bad Influence